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Aquamarine collection with 23 products
Junto Aquamarine
23 products
Bronze Stoneware collection with 23 products
Junto Bronze Stoneware
23 products
Ocean Blue collection with 34 products
Junto Ocean Blue
34 products
Opal Green collection with 35 products
Junto Opal Green
35 products
Pearl Grey collection with 35 products
Junto Pearl Grey
35 products
White collection with 36 products
Junto White
36 products
Over decades, Rosenthal has always remained alive and fascinating, united and motivated by the desire to create the best in design in every era - "what is original in our time". Get to know more about the world of brands within a world brand. Let yourself be inspired by our products, make a present of sheer delight and embellish you personal home.

The most important facts at a glance:

+ Headquarters seated in Selb, Germany

+ Porcelain production in Selb and Speichersdorf.

+ 170 Mill. EUR turnover world-wide (2007)

+ 1.800 employees world-wide (2007)

+ Market leader Germany in the glass-porcelain-ceramics segment