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Wendy at Mottahedeh
November 30, 2020
Holidays and family meals are better with gravy, say we.  It can be a cocunut milk and curry sauce, or something to go with the poultry or beef to name a few types.  Our grandmother used to kid us and say "Please pass the grease."  This is not your grandmothers's dinnerware, however, because Indigo Wave was created by Mottahedeh in 2003 by using an antique rim soup bowl collected by Mrs. Mottahedeh as inspiration and then the various elements of the plates were adapted from a several of cobalt historic porcelains. Note the little wave triangle among the scales.  
Getting cobalt blue to just the right shade is not easy but the effect can be powerful.  The sparkling plate is enhanced by gold.  We hope you enjoy time with family,   Our hope is we will look back and see some very  fond memories created along with the difficult times.